Transgender Voice Therapy

Transgender and nonbinary voice work includes not only pitch (how high or low your voice is), it involves several aspects of communication in order to find the best voice for YOU. We will assess and work on all or some of the following features for voice feminization, voice (gender) neutralization, or voice masculinization:

  • Pitch (how high or low your voice sounds)
  • Resonance and acoustic perception (quality of your voice and how it is perceived)
  • Rate (how fast or slowly you speak)
  • Intonation (the “rise” and “fall” of your voice when you speak)
  • Volume (the intensity/loudness of your voice)
  • Articulation (how the sounds are produced in your speech)

Voice work for transgender and nonbinary clients is not usually a “program” or a quick fix, because there is no way to do that for such a diverse group. Voice work is a process in which we work together to find your authentic voice. Each session will be planned based on your assessment and the goals we create together. As with most instruments, practice makes progress, and care of your instrument will affect your sound. I will bring my expertise and my clinical ear, you will bring the instrument and what you have uncovered and perfected as you do this work.

As you gain confidence in your practice, I recommend sharing your voice with others you trust who can support you. If there is no such person in your life currently, there are many supportive online communities as well as Authentic Voice Groups. My aim is to give you the tools to shape your voice as well as encourage you to connect you with others who can understand your journey and support you going forward.

For more information about groups or to book a consultation, please email me at


30 minute consultation  – Free

1 hour assessment – $125

The assessment is a comprehensive evaluation based on health history, surveys, assessment of pitch, resonance, and other communication-related measures. A written report will then be shared with you and we will develop goals based on the findings and your input.

Individual Sessions – $60

Sessions are 45 minutes and include exercises for the following week. While treatment is different for each client, trans and nonbinary therapy generally includes working on pitch, resonance, and overall communication. Each session will include a review of recordings and practice during the week. Clients will be required to commit to consistent practice and voice recordings, based on our work during sessions.

Group Sessions – Variable, depending on focus of group and number of clients participating

Group sessions are an affordable way to reinforce individual practice or as an introduction to trans voice work in a supportive setting. Email if you are interested in finding out more about groups or wish to be notified when the next one will begin.

Teletherapy Sessions – $45

Sessions are 30 minutes and will be conducted via live teleconferencing. All teletherapy clients must be located in TX, CA, or WA.

Note: I offer a certain number of pro bono/sliding scale services for LGBTQIA+ youth who are under 21 in TX, CA and WA who are not living at home. Please email for more information. I also offer sliding scale services for other clients based on financial need.